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A funny thing happened on the Way to the Fair...

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

First a few inconvenient truths, so to speak. We live in an age where; 1- manufacturers build a lot of stuff. 2- Some of that stuff doesn't sell through and will need to be liquidated, because, 3- Not all of that left over stuff is all that saleable, because, 4- It just didn't fit with the prevailing style and/or fashion. Still good stuff, just not the right stuff. The simple truth is that it will need to be discounted and made available to any taker.

Granted, that is not the very best scenario, especially for a top tier brand. However, that should not speak poorly of an otherwise amazing company, everybody makes mistakes.

Which lead to the rise of Wayfair and a few other opportunists. Which really is a positive developement. When it comes right down to it, the brand gets broad exposure on Wayfair which builds relevance for us all and it allows the brand to free up resources to develop fresh designs and bring them to market. Some of those designs will be hot sellers for you and we all benefit.

It should also be understood that these few discounted pieces are not indicative of the entire line, only a small selection gets to that point.

The other thing to keep in mind is that as great as we feel our products of design are, they are just products.

The real value in what you all do as professional Interior Designers is in the way you assemble all those great products into the amazing whole cloth of your designs. It is in the way you manage your projects to bring those experiences of color and texture and visual expression and physical comfort into the lives of your clients.

Let's not get hung up on the superficial and mundane, let's focus on the specialness of the wonderful things that we can do and why we are all so passionate and invested in it.

I think that's just what we need... Was that too much? Sorry

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