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For decades, Chelsea House has brought warmth and beauty to homes with its extensive line of furniture, lighting, art, mirrors, and decorative accessories.


Chelsea House believes that hospitality is still important, that nothing takes the place of hand-craftsmanship, and that business is still best done among friends. Chelsea House is not about trends that are here today and gone tomorrow, but rather we are grounded in classic design with a vibrant, fresh attitude for today’s living. We know that true beauty transcends time.


Chelsea House is still overseen by Bill Cain whose family founded the company.  In addition to Bill’s designs which are grounded in a lifetime of knowledge and experience, we have other product designers, each with their own individual aesthetic but all with a level of sophistication and uniqueness.


The high standards of Chelsea House in both quality and sophistication is why the Chelsea House name remains one of the most sought-after names in home furnishings.


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